Paulsera's Affiliate Marketing Program in Australia

Want a Passive Income?


Paul Sera, a proven digital marketer is here to help a limited number of people make passive income

Our proven step-by-step master affiliate program will help you make passive income, where you can be your own boss with minimal work required

In today's digital era, an online presence is a powerful asset for an individual or a brand. Whether a brand is trying to promote services or sell products, building an online presence is crucial to reach a wider audience and generate valuable leads while building brand confidence.

And this is an opportunity not to be missed

Since every brand is trying to make its mark online, you can give such individuals and companies a helping hand and make it your side hustle.

Yes, you read that right! You can join Paul Sera's team and resell his courses today. Each sale will pay you $10 AUD which is a great way to make passive income.



You Get Paid $10 AUD Per Sale

  • This provides Access to Paul Sera Resale Funnel for his Course products.
  • We provide you the marketing material.
  • High performers will also gain exclusive access to Paul Sera’s public/networking events.

💰 We'll Pay You Per Signup Using Your Unique Affiliate Link 💰

    Paul Sera's Training Courses

  • We'll give you an affiliate link
  • Any sale under that link will pay you $10 AUD per sale
  • Courses

  • Our courses are already built, we've done the hard work
  • Get access to all Paul Sera's marketing material
  • Make your own pages with our content and your affiliate link
  • And again, we do all the hard work, you get paid

And so much more!
What are you waiting for?

Become An Affiliate

Affiliate Program Course Content

  • E-Commerce Basics Course.
  • Do It Yourself SEO - Wordpress Course.
  • Do It Yourself SEO - Shopify Course.
  • Creating and Managing Events Course.
  • Affiliate Marketing Course.
  • ...And much much more.

A website is one of the first things a prospect goes through before making a purchase decision. It also helps establish a brand's credibility online. So you can imagine the impression a poorly designed website will make. Furthermore, not having a website implies that a brand will miss out on a huge opportunity to attract and convert new customers.

That being said, finding a great web design service that understands the brand's vision is not easy.

And this is YOUR moment to shine.

Why not help such prospects by connecting them with highly experienced web designers?

You bring us the client and if we land the job, YOU GET PAID!

Affiliate Marketing - Here’s What you’ll Learn

  • How to generate quality leads
  • The ins and outs of web designs to present a persuasive pitch
  • Use data & various metrics to support your claims
  • Close sales with confidence

And so much more!

Why Join Paul Sera's Affiliate Program?

Billion Dollar Industry
Billion Dollar Industry

SEO and Web Design are a crucial part of the digital world. Without search engine optimisation and functional web design, a business won't be able to establish itself in the online world. Then what's stopping you from using it as an opportunity to earn a passive income? This is a sign of becoming part of the billion dollar industry.

We’ve Supply You Marketing Content
We've Supply You Marketing Content

We'll give you access to a file repository of videos, photos and marketing material. From there when someone clicks your unique link and signs up to one of Paul Sera's courses, you get paid. there is no need for huge capital for this program. As long as you have a computer, internet connection and Paul's marketing material, you're all set!

Strong Professional Network
Grow Your Network

A strong professional network is one of the cornerstones of a successful career. Becoming an affiliate will put you in touch with industry leaders and business owners from all walks of life. In addition to generating passive income, you can also make the most of this opportunity to nurture valuable connections.

Grow at Your Own Pace
Grow At Your Own Pace

You are welcome to continue with your 9-5 job and grow at your own pace. This program gives you a supplementary source of income without the need to quit your regular job. And who knows, once you get the hang of it, you can consider doing it full time.

Work When & Where You Want
Work When & Where You Want

One of the biggest advantages of Paul Sera's Course Affiliate Programs is flexibility. You can work from anywhere and anytime. With greater flexibility comes convenience and a better work-life balance.

No Trial & Error
No Trial & Error

Why waste time on trial and error when we are providing you with a tried and tested program? Paul Sera's affiliate program is what you've been looking for.